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AU: (03) 8596 1631 or 0418 319 008 / NZ: 0800 539 877

Online Fabric Store in Australia and New Zealand

Shop Online at Australia and New Zealand's Leading Provider of Fabrics

No matter the type of project or production you need support with, Super Cheap Fabrics stocks a leading range and variety when it comes to the types of fabric products commonly used in the retail space. We stock products from wool to cotton and silk, and are a happy favourite among customers who look online for darn cheap fabrics. Be yours a need for printed fabrics or otherwise, Super Cheap Fabrics provides a leading stock of products as an online fabric store Australia and New Zealand shoppers love to visit. If you're among those of our customers looking for fabrics Australia and New Zealand shoppers would happily regard as being of the best quality, look no further than to our catalogue. We stock a complete range of fabric Australian and New Zealand suppliers would happily keep in their own supply, and are always happy to assist with large and bulk orders.

Apart from printed fabrics, we can also supply a complete range of weather-specific products, including fleece and rayon. We are among leading providers of fabric Australia and New Zealand businesses continue to rely on, especially when it comes to unique and high quality materials such as silk and corduroy. If you've been searching for fabric online Australia and New Zealand shoppers know how to shop for a good deal. As we understand this, we're always able to keep our customers' needs in mind - especially when it comes to finding a good mix of variety, quality, and cost-efficiency for the materials they need.

A Complete Supply for All Your Sewing Needs

If you've been looking to buy fabric online, know that it absolutely pays off to find a trusted supplier that can do more than just supply you with a specific type of material. Among our comprehensive range of products, we can also supply our customers with:

  • Knit products
  • Woven products
  • Haberdashery items, as well as
  • Sewing accessories to name some examples. 

If you're in need of an east coast fabrics supplier, we happen to be among leading providers of darn cheap fabrics locally. When it comes to our customers' need to buy fabric online, we pride ourselves in providing a service that's recognised among the best fabric stores Melbourne shoppers can trust. If you need fabric Melbourne retailers and professionals can trust, we stock a local supply that features a great mix of quality and variety. Plenty of our customers hold very specific requirements when it comes to their need to buy fabric online. Thankfully, we can supply fabric Melbourne shoppers can always find of great variety and an affordable price range.

A Leading Provider of Fabric Products in Australia and New Zealand

Super Cheap Fabrics is a proud supplier of east coast fabrics, and we go well beyond meeting our customers' needs for fabric in Melbourne. We're an online fabric store that's just as recognised in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, and can provide the same quality of service and products there as we do in Melbourne. Whether you've been searching for a fabric store Sydney retailers consider among the best, or fabric stores Brisbane shoppers regard as dependable on a quick turnaround, you should definitely consider our online fabric store. We're a fabric store Sydney shoppers have been happy to recommend to others, and are among fabric stores Brisbane businesses can wholly depend on. Look no further than to Super Cheap Fabrics if you happen to be in search of fabric stores online.