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Wool Fabric

Shop a huge variety of cheap wool fabric online at Super Cheap Fabrics. We sell wool fabric by the metre and it is available in a range of colours, prints and designs. You can shop chunky wool knit fabric, wool suiting fabric, viscose wool blend fabric, designer wool fabric and much more! 

What is wool fabric?

Wool fabric is an all-purposeful natural fibre that can be used to make an array of different types of clothing. It is often used for knitted jumpers, business wear, coating, dresses and even babywear. Super Cheap Fabrics stocks a diverse range of wool fabric that is cool, comfortable and unique. 

Is wool a good material?

Wool fabric is naturally good for your skin and body. It can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, it repels rain and it’s insanely comfortable. If that hasn’t convinced you, then it’s probably worth noting that wool fibers are actually biodegradable. They naturally decompose in a few years and release valuable nutrients back into the earth.
If you’re looking for a winter jacket fabric, we recommend using our Wool Cashmere or Designer Wool. or if you need anymore inspiration for your outerwear, check out our Outerwear Fabrics
Explore our wide range of cheap fabrics at Super Cheap Fabrics today!
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