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Close-up of vibrant, Plain Rayon - Mandarin - 140cm fabric from Super Cheap Fabrics with a smooth texture. This lightweight fabric is slightly folded, creating subtle shadows and variations in the hue. The overall appearance is vivid and captivating.
Textured Rayon - Lime - 140cm
A close-up view of bright pink bubblegum fabric with a smooth, woven texture. The lightweight fabric, made from 100% rayon, is folded neatly, showcasing its soft and slightly reflective surface. This is the Plain Rayon - Bubblegum - 140cm by Super Cheap Fabrics.
A close-up image of a folded Super Cheap Fabrics Designer Rayon - Ceramic - 140cm fabric featuring a bold turquoise and white abstract leaf pattern. The versatile fabric is neatly stacked, showcasing the intricate and vibrant design. The background consists of similar patterns, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look.
A dress form wrapped in a light beige medium weight fabric is displayed against a grey background. The Rayon Lycra - Silver Grey - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics is draped asymmetrically across the form, covering one shoulder and leaving the other bare. The material appears smooth and slightly stretchy, hugging the form closely.
A close-up image of a Super Cheap Fabrics Designer Rayon - Fuchsia - 140cm with a vivid pattern. The design features magenta flowers and white leaves, capturing the vibrant prints beautifully. The fabric appears slightly folded, showcasing its texture and the intricate arrangement of the floral pattern, making it a versatile choice.
A piece of Printed Rayon - Alice - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics with a vibrant red background featuring a floral pattern with white flowers, blue centers, and dark red and gold outlines. This lightweight, multi-colour fabric is folded, showcasing the repeating design.

Printed Rayon - Alice - 150cm

$14.00 AUD$8.40 AUD
A close-up image of a dress form wrapped in a piece of light brown, one-shoulder medium weight fabric. The Rayon Lycra - Coca Mocha - 150cm material from Super Cheap Fabrics appears soft and drapes smoothly over the mannequin, creating a simple and elegant appearance against a plain gray backdrop.
Plain Rayon - Yellow - 145cm

Plain Rayon - Yellow - 145cm

$9.90 AUD$5.94 AUD
A mannequin is draped in a piece of Rayon Lycra - Party Punch - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics. The medium weight fabric, fitted snugly, is positioned to show an asymmetrical, one-shoulder design. The background is plain and light gray, allowing the vibrant color of the two-way stretch fabric to stand out.
A mannequin draped with **Super Cheap Fabrics' Printed Rayon - La Flora - 145cm**. The lightweight fabric covers one shoulder and wraps diagonally, showcasing the yellow-orange roses and green leaves floral pattern against a gray background.
A close-up of brightly colored floral fabric with overlapping patterns of yellow, red, pink, blue, and green flowers. The Super Cheap Fabrics Designer Rayon - Festive - 145cm features a mix of pastel and vibrant hues, creating a lively and cheerful design. Some folds add texture to the versatile fabric.
A mannequin is draped in a one-shoulder garment made from lightweight Bamboo Rayon - Fiesta - 150cm by Super Cheap Fabrics, featuring a vibrant tropical print. The design includes images of pineapples, watermelons, and various other colorful fruits and leaves on a white background.

Bamboo Rayon - Fiesta - 150cm

$17.00 AUD$10.20 AUD
A close-up image of Super Cheap Fabrics' Designer Rayon - Tangelo - 140cm featuring a white fabric with a vivid orange bat pattern. Soft creases and shadows accentuate the bold contrast, highlighting the vibrant prints and making this versatile fabric perfect for any creative project.
Close-up of Super Cheap Fabrics Designer Rayon - Scarlet - 140cm featuring an abstract pattern. The design consists of irregular red shapes resembling leaves or petals against a white background, creating a vibrant and dynamic visual effect. The versatile fabric is partially folded.
A close-up view of a mannequin wearing a brown, one-shoulder garment made from Super Cheap Fabrics' Rayon Lycra - Morel - 150cm. The smooth, fitted design showcases the elegant look of the single shoulder. The background is a plain, light grey color.

Rayon Lycra - Morel - 150cm

$13.00 AUD$7.80 AUD
A mannequin is draped with Super Cheap Fabrics' Bamboo Rayon - Aqua Ditsy - 150cm fabric featuring a green floral pattern on a white background. The flowers and leaves are intricately designed, creating a detailed and elegant print. The Bamboo Rayon - Aqua Ditsy - 150cm fabric is arranged across the mannequin's torso diagonally.
Printed Rayon - Blume - 135cm

Printed Rayon - Blume - 135cm

$11.96 AUD$7.18 AUD
A folded piece of yellow, lightweight fabric adorned with a white floral pattern. The flowers are scattered across the Super Cheap Fabrics' Printed Rayon - Geranium - 145cm, featuring small black accents in their centers. The overall design is light and airy, creating a cheerful and vibrant appearance.
A mannequin draped with Super Cheap Fabrics' Bamboo Rayon - Zag XL - 150cm featuring a bold, green and beige zigzag pattern. The Bamboo Rayon - Zag XL - 150cm fabric is arranged diagonally across the mannequin's chest and shoulder, showcasing the geometric design. The background is a plain, light gray color.

Bamboo Rayon - Zag XL - 150cm

$17.00 AUD$10.20 AUD
A close-up of a folded, light weight fabric with a light teal background. The fabric is decorated with white hearts, some outlined in red, and the word "LOVE" printed in black multiple times. There's a single blue heart among the white hearts, perfect for drapey clothing in hot weather. This is Printed Rayon - Love - 140cm by Super Cheap Fabrics.

Printed Rayon - Love - 140cm

$14.00 AUD$8.40 AUD
Plain Rayon - Hot Pink - 140cm - Super Cheap Fabrics
A red, one-shoulder dress displayed on a dress form against a plain grey background. The Rayon Lycra - Red Alert - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics has a smooth, sleek texture and the medium weight drapes elegantly over the form, highlighting the contours with its two-way stretch.
Printed Rayon - Lotus - 145cm

Printed Rayon - Lotus - 145cm

$14.00 AUD$8.40 AUD
Printed Rayon - XL Flora - 145cm
Printed Rayon - Stamp - 150cm

Printed Rayon - Stamp - 150cm

$14.00 AUD$8.40 AUD
Printed bamboo rayon fabric

Bamboo Rayon - Freehand - 145cm

$17.00 AUD$10.20 AUD
A white mannequin dressed in a cream-colored, one-shoulder garment made of medium weight fabric, Rayon Lycra - Mojave - 150cm by Super Cheap Fabrics, is positioned against a plain gray background.

Rayon Lycra - Mojave - 150cm

$13.00 AUD$7.80 AUD
Bamboo Rayon - Tulip Sway - 152cm
A white mannequin is draped in a single-shouldered, vibrant Rayon Lycra - Coral - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics that fits closely to show the contours of the torso. The background is plain gray, putting full focus on the bright, smooth, and elegantly wrapped medium weight fabric.

Rayon Lycra - Coral- 150cm

$12.74 AUD$7.64 AUD
Bamboo Rayon - Landscape - 152cm
A mannequin wearing a one-shoulder, form-fitting dress made of light grey Rayon Lycra - Fawn - 150cm fabric from Super Cheap Fabrics. The dress has a smooth texture and drapes elegantly across the body, emphasizing the contours of the mannequin. The background is neutral and unobtrusive.

Rayon Lycra - Fawn - 150cm

$13.00 AUD$7.80 AUD

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