• Mar 01

Sewing with Pleated Fabric

Pleated fabrics create a gorgeous dimensional effect and is a popular fabric choice for high end fashion designs. Here we'll share a little bit about pleated fabrics, how they're made and how to sew pleated fabric.

How is pre-pleated fabric made?

A pleat is a repeated fold in fabric, usually pressed into place using heat and pressure and sometimes chemicals. 

How do you sew pleated fabric?

Sewing pleated fabric can be a challenge, however the outcome is worth it! The first step is to choose a pattern or design that doesn't feature too many seams and is simplistic. You'll also want to purchase extra fabric as a pleated garment will use much more fabric than a usual piece of fabric.

From there you'll need to lay the fabric flat and cut it so that the pleats are straight and there are no warps. You could even use some painters tape to keep all the pleats in order whilst you cut!

You could also baste the pleats into place to hold them still whilst you sew. When you start to sew, make sure you are sewing in the same direction as the pleats.

What can I make with pleated fabric?

The most popular garments we see are skirts and dresses. However you can create tops, blouses or pants. The fabric can be manipulated into different designs, we've put together some inspiration below! 

We've got some gorgeous pleated fabrics featuring an accordion pleat available now online. Just search 'pleated' in the search bar and it'll show up! 

Where can I buy Pleated Fabric?