Outerwear Fabrics

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Tired of spending big bucks on your outerwear in winter? Why not make your own using our Super Cheap Fabric!

We guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for with our wide range of fabrics. Shop the best fabric for jackets, jumper material fabric, sweater knit fabric and much more!

If you’re looking for a winter jacket fabric, we recommend using our Wool Cashmere or Designer Wool.

What are the best jumper fabric types?

The best fabric to make jumpers from are Cashmere, Wool, Cotton and Blended Fabrics.


What is sweater knit fabric? 

No surprises here, the term ‘sweater knit’ is used to describe a range of fabrics that are used to sew sweaters. Sweater knit fabric can be made from fabric such as cotton, wool or even a variety of synthetic fabrics. Usually, sweater knit fabric resembles fabrics that are textured or knitted by hand. 


What can I make with Sweater Knit Fabric? 

The possibilities are endless! Just because it’s called ‘sweater knit fabric’, it doesn’t mean that you’re only allowed to make sweaters out of it. You can create a unique sweater dress, stylish turtleneck or even a comfy lounge set.

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