Flannelette Fabric

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A close-up image of a folded piece of fabric showcasing a plaid pattern. This 100% cotton, lightweight fabric has a white background with intersecting lines in blue, pink, yellow, and green, forming a multi-colour checkered design. The texture appears soft and slightly fuzzy. The product is Flannelette - Tattersall - 110cm by Super Cheap Fabrics.
A lightweight fabric with a pattern of champagne bottles and glasses filled with champagne, labeled "champagne sweet wine." The dark background features small star accents, and the image shows a folded section. This multi-colour design is crafted from 100% cotton. This is the Flannelette - Cheers - 110cm by Super Cheap Fabrics.

Flannelette - Cheers - 110cm

$11.90 AUD$7.14 AUD
Flannelette - Red Check - 112cm - Super Cheap Fabrics
Flannelette - Blue Plaid - 112cm - Super Cheap Fabrics

Flannelette is commonly used for tees, tops, dresses, pyjamas, baby blankets, toys, and children’s clothing. You can use it the same way you would use brushed cotton. It's soft, warm and cosy.

Traditionally, flannel was made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but today’s flannelette is most commonly made from cotton and synthetic fibres. It’s woven in either a twill or plain weave, and is then napped or brushed to give it its incredible softness.

The softness and warmness of flannelette in Australia make it an excellent choice for projects made for babies to keep them warm and comfortable. And older kids will also love the warmth for a set of flannelette pyjamas for the colder months. Flannelette can also be used as a lining material to add warmth to any other project.

Remember to prewash your fabric before sewing as flannelette can be prone to shrinking and stretching. When sewing, also be aware of the weave. The looser the weave, the more it may stretch when sewing.

Shop the range of fun prints of flannelette online - we deliver across Australia and New Zealand. Or come into the warehouse in Collingwood, Victoria. If you’ve been looking to buy flannelette fabric in Australia our team of friendly and experienced sewists are ready to give you advice and help you choose the perfect fabric for your next project.

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