Cotton Drill

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Cotton Drill is a breathable, strong, and durable fabric that is not too rigid. It’s a versatile fabric that features an interesting diagonal weave and is perfect for pants, skirts, workwear, uniforms, jackets, pants, shirts, aprons, bags, and home furnishings. We've got military colours, earthy tones, and classics available for you to buy cotton drill in Australia and New Zealand. We can ship out to you, or come pick up from our warehouse located in Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria.

Because of its strength and versatility, cotton drill may be the something bold that you’ve been looking for for your next sewing project. It is manufactured with a twill weave which gives it its unique look and strength. It also makes the fabric a little heavier, which makes it more suitable for those looking for a medium to heavy weighted fabric.

Purchase cotton drill online for an alternative to denim, as the diagonal lines that give it its unique texture can resemble denim, but it still offers the smoother feel and comfort associated with cotton.

If you’ve been searching for cotton drill fabric in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Our friendly staff of experts are happy to help you choose the best cotton fabric for your project.

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