Cotton Jersey

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Close-up image of a dark blue, medium-weight fabric, showing its smooth texture and slight fold, suggesting a soft and flexible material. The fabric appears to be neatly draped, highlighting its even color and fine weave, typical of high-quality Cotton Lycra - Navy - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics.

Cotton Lycra - Navy - 150cm

$20.00 AUD$12.00 AUD
A white mannequin is draped in a beige, one-shoulder, 100% cotton fabric called Cotton Jersey - Oatmeal - 145cm from Super Cheap Fabrics. The material appears smooth and form-fitting, showcasing a minimalistic, elegant design. The background is a plain gray.

Cotton Jersey - Oatmeal - 145cm

$20.00 AUD$12.00 AUD
A mannequin stands draped in a pale green, one-shoulder fabric. The light-weight fabric, 100% cotton Cotton Jersey - Alfalfa - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics, appears soft and is wrapped snugly around the torso, showcasing a minimalist, elegant style. The plain gray background highlights the fabric and draping technique beautifully.

Cotton Jersey - Alfalfa - 150cm

$20.00 AUD$12.00 AUD
A soft and natural knit fabric that has some give and comes in a range of colours. This fabric has a beautiful feel and is comprised of 100% natural cotton. This medium weight fabric is perfect for making t-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and childrenswear. Shop the full range of beautiful cotton jersey online today!

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