Activewear Suggestions

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The best thing about sewing your own activewear is it is tailored to your body - no more awkward pulling at your leggings mid workout! 

We have a range of fabrics suitable for DIY Activewear. 

The most imporant factor to consider when choosing fabrics for Activewear is what stretch is required - either by the pattern you're using or the garment type. 


4 Way Stretch

Our Nylon Lycra range has generous 4-Way stretch.  It is also a beautiful thick fabric so perfect for leggings and sports bras.


2 Way Stretch 

Our Scuba Knit, Printed Lycra & ITY Knit fabrics have 2-way stretch and are suitable for leggings, sports singlets & tops. 

Recommended fabrics for Activewear are featured below for your convenience

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