• Dec 05

Top 5 Tools for Sewing!

Sewing Tools are a sewists best friend, they can make or break your garment so it's important to get yourself the following tools! 

1. A great pair of scissors 
#1 Rule do not cut anything but fabric with them! 

2. A magnetic pin holder
These are so nifty! They make clean up a breeze as they pick up all the pins so quickly. 

3. Chalk Pencil
We love using a pencil style chalk to make marks as it's easy to hold and doesn't break if you accidentally drop it

4. Tape Measure
You'll use this ALL the time make sure you've got one 

5. Seam Unpicker
Hopefully you won't need this too often, but they are very handy if you make a mistake and need to unpick the thread.

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