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Really, you cannot go wrong with denim!

Really, you cannot go wrong with denim!

  • Kunal Vyas

Originally designed for the American working man, denim has somehow managed to conquer class, gender and culture to become one of the most frequently-worn materials known to humankind. Whether you cherish your cigarette jeans, can’t live without your outsized Sherpa jacket or, dare to go denim on denim, we can almost guarantee you have at least one denim item in your wardrobe. 


There’s good reason for this, denim is a hugely versatile fabric. Depending on the design, cut and colour, it can pretty much complement every outfit (caveat – unless you’re the Queen of England!).


Want to get into denim? Let’s take a look at some of your options.



Unlike oh let’s say 90 per cent of fashion, denim products, as we mentioned above, were actually designed for guys. Denim pants, which today remain a quintessentially American export, became popular among manual labourers in America in the mid to late 1800s. This was because denim was found to be a durable and sturdy material (interestingly the original indigo colour we still associate with jeans today was partly chosen because it was good at concealing stains and dirt).


So denim’s toughness makes it great for work-wear but, you can also get it nice and stretchy these days (thanks to the addition of elastane), so it’s ideal for leisure activities too.


And beyond its practical applications, guys: denim can be stylish. You just need to think about the type of cut and style to complement your fashion taste– straight leg jeans are a great every-day go-to and can be paired with almost anything.  Boot cut jeans are also a great option. You can dress your jeans up or down, pair them up with your favourite t-shirt or, match a sophisticated cut with suit jackets, ties and dress shirts.  


student holding backpack wearing denim jacket 



 A lot of women opt for denim jeans for their comfort and durability – unlike your silk work blouse they’ll last you decades and they’ll only soften and get more relaxed with age. However, dressing up with denim is not something every woman knows how to do. 


Yet denim lends itself to class just as much as it does to everyday life tasks like mowing the lawn or taking the dog for a walk. Relaxed, full length jeans work perfectly with high heels – just steer clear of the distressed, ripped look. For a day in the inner city office, opt for a belted blazer in grey or neutral tones with grey jeans and you’re all set, or, try a high waisted denim skirt with a neutral top, elegant knee high boots and a monochromatic blazer. Ladies the denim options are endless. Whether you mix and match your jeans cut and colour to suit your outfit or, embrace denim jackets as well (think cute embroidery, bomber jackets and quilted denim) almost any outfit can be enhanced by a denim addition.


girl happy sitting in the field


Accessorise with Denim

Blink and you’ve missed it but when American model Bella Hadid steps out for a stroll during New York Fashion Week sporting a denim-covered handbag, it inspires confidence that denim handbags are officially on trend. When you get brands like Chanel and Prada releasing their take on the denim handbag (admittedly at sky-high prices) you know that accessorising with denim is not only ok, but hey! Why aren’t you doing it?! Denim boots, denim hats, denim belts; there’s no end to the ways denim can bend. Any denim accessories can perfectly complement the right pair of denim jeans or jacket. If you’ve been blind to the potential of denim beyond jeans and jackets there’s a world of denim inspiration online to get you thinking.


However you like to wear denim, check out our affordably priced denim products in a range of weights and colours.


accessories with denim