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The top winter fashion trends of 2019

The top winter fashion trends of 2019

  • Kunal Vyas

Winter is not always known as the season for eye popping fashion. It’s kind of hard to think about rocking new styles when you’re struggling to keep warm, isn’t it?

So we understand you probably need a bit of fashion inspiration this winter and luckily an exciting mix of trends has appeared on runways around the world this year. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.


Inspiring turtlenecks

Winter is often associated with boring colours and shapeless layering but 2019 New York Fashion Week definitely took that idea to task when it came to turtlenecks. Designers showcased a range of gorgeous turtlenecks, in a mix of materials, some in brilliant colours and some featuring let’s say, rather slinky cuts. Embrace the turtleneck this winter but go unconventional - think lace for the neck (with a more substantial body) or wool cashmere in bright colours with cut-outs. Mix it up style-wise too with chunky knit slouchy turtlenecks or more structured designs that can be layered with jackets.


keeping warm in the snow


The pantsuit re-imagined

They’ve been around since the 1920s, and their appeal hasn’t gone away; in part because sometimes a skirt just won’t cut it on chilly winter days. The once controversial two-piece had a bold showing at 2019’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Take your inspiration from the catwalk and think pantsuits in vivid colours, with creative use of fabrics. We reckon it’ hard to go wrong with a wool blend pantsuit in checks or why not go bold and try candy crush pink? If you really want to put yourself out there rock a printed pantsuit, it’s a look not all of us can pull off but when it’s done right it looks fantastic.  


Go tonal

Monochrome is in this winter. The trend has actually been going for a little while but winter is a great time to embrace it because you’re wearing at least a couple of layers so there’s lots of scope for experimentation.  Celebrities have embraced tonal dressing (for those not in the know it’s basically picking one colour and wearing various shades and hues of that colour). Try mixing widely different fabrics as part of your tonal outfit – think silk with a knit or, a leather and tulle combo. The unity of colour can help bring together a diverse outfit, so much so you can wear casual with corporate (if done right). If you’re intimidated by the thought of a completely tonal outfit, start out with a subtle colour or, add a splash of colour with a woven scarf or cute handbag.


Denim – of course!

For many denim jeans are a winter staple – they keep legs warm while complementing almost any outfit. The talk is all about low slung denim – the kind that just sits on your hips and fits nice and easy (kiss those uncomfortable skinny jeans goodbye people!). The subtle flare is also back – great for denim skirts and for jeans but don’t think full-on seventies flare. Try denim with huge side pockets, or ruffles or lots and lots of buttons. This season has seen denim jackets embraced too, especially Sherpa jackets or two tones/materials.


denim jeans


Check it out

Checks are back in a big way this winter. The Australi and New Zealand fashion scene has been awash with the classic design and you pretty much can’t go wrong incorporating checks into your own wardrobe. We think the chequered full-length jacket in wool or wool blend is our top pick for style and sophistication. If you want to dress your checks down, try a Sherpa jacket in checks or, a button up loose check shirt combined with plain jacket and scarf. If you’re feeling especially bold, checks on checks can look amazing too.

For more inspiration on what fabrics to wear this winter; head to our main website pages.