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Preparing for Spring: What Materials are In Fashion for 2021?

Preparing for Spring: What Materials are In Fashion for 2021?

  • Kunal Vyas

Plenty of dressmakers look at the winter time as one of the best times during the year for conjuring up an inspirational few dress ideas for the Springtime. If you've not thought up your own exciting new dressmaking projects yet, consider how these leading trends for the year could inspire you to pick out an interesting collection of fabrics from our online catalogue.

Pantone Colours Match the Vibrancy All Around You

Obviously, the months of Spring will feature a stunning amount of vibrant colours from all your surroundings. With pastel pink and greens among colour choices that will surely match any park environment during the occasional picnic or outing, choosing a colourway that matches Pantone colours will definitely provide the visual appeal you seek to provide with your next spring dress.

Florals Never Go Out of Trend

Like the beauty of being able to match the colours of Springtime, florals are a tried and tested pattern that highlight that same vibrant appeal within your dress designs. You can either select from intricate patterns such as our Designer Jacquard Halftone Floral, or more playful styles like our Printed Cotton Botanical Garden Pink options to suit your next idea for an eye-catching Spring garment.

Cotton Linen Provides a Nice Contrast to the Backdrop of Spring

Contrast is possible when you consider how grey and other earthy tones would suit the backdrop of a Springtime event. Consider material such as our Cotton Linen Canvas Grey Marle to adorn your next Springtime outfit. These would perfectly suit a scarf or shawl, if you'd like to put together a suitable accessory to match an existing idea.

Shop with Super Cheap Fabrics to Find Inspiration for Your Next Springtime Creation

Create your next beautiful Springtime design with any one of our fabric materials in stock at Super Cheap Fabrics. We're proud to provide Australi and New Zealand dressmakers with a comprehensive and eye-catching variety of materials that would suit a variety of garment styles. Give us a call today on (03) 8596 1631 or shop with us online to see how we can inspire you for your next dressmaking project!