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New Look, Same Old US!

New Look, Same Old US!

  • Laura Giddy

So, you may have noticed that Super Cheap Fabrics has a bit of a new style. That's because we feel it's high time you got to know us a bit better! Impressions matter, and we want you to know exactly the kind of company you're dealing with.

Our logo! It's orange now! And here's why: we love fun and excitement!

What orange means to us:

  • Fun
  • Vibrant
  • Enthusiastic
  • Dedicated
  • Creative
  • Fascinating
  • Happy

We've been seeing orange make a statement in fashion trends recently too, but we believe our vibrant, creative, and warm essence will never go out of style! WGSN, a global fashion forecasting company, featured the colours of #beaconorange and #hazardorange as standout hues - have you considered a dressmaking or DIY fabric project in orange? Click through to our orange edit to get inspired!

Brand Heritage

Additionally, we wanted to add an 'old-school office' touch to the way we communicate with you, to reflect our business heritage! Despite being a predominantly online supplier these days (after closing our beloved stores as a result of pandemic pressure), Super Cheap Fabrics has a long history of doing things without digital! A visit to our warehouse headquarters reveals invoice slips, swatch pages, and ring binders galore, containing the rich history of us. As an independent, family-owned business that has been operating to provide a diverse range of fabrics at an affordable price for 30 years now, we are proud to be where we are today, able to bring our passion for textiles to the 21st century and beyond! Not only does our HQ store an impressive stationery collection, but it also has... you guessed it: FABRIC! Our fabric stillages (in a bold and practical shade of orange of course) hold thousands of unique designer and international fabrics for you to browse, either in person or online.


What's next for the new Super Cheap Fabrics

In the coming months, we really want to show off our dedication to YOU, our customers! We are going to be keeping you up to date with our new arrivals, which we always choose with your needs in mind (think super fun printed bengaline, stretch lycra, and MORE wool cashmere colourways!) We also want to put more of a spotlight on your brilliant sewing creations: how cool is it that between some amazing fabric, and your AMAZING talent and creativity, there are endless possibilities!

Super Cheap Fabrics Online Store is Your One Stop Shop for Dressmaking Supplies

As always, we encourage you to let us know if you have an idea for a garment or dress design, and need any help at all choosing the perfect materials to use for your creation. Our team is truly happy to help hobbyists and retailers find the right fabric match through our website and warehouse range, and we can be reached at (03) 8596 1631 for an obligation-free chat about your exciting upcoming projects!