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Inspiration Strikes!

Inspiration Strikes!

  • Kunal Vyas

You know that feeling when you press your finished garment, pick it up off the ironing board, and admire the amazing thing you've just sewn yourself? How good is that feeling!

We wanted to celebrate that feeling, and the greater good that all of our customers are doing for their local communities and beyond. Through investing your time, skills, and energy into creating something with your own two hands, you are setting an example and proving that no, we don't need to rely on huge fast fashion companies with non-inclusive size ranges and frankly boring stock assortments to get dressed in the morning! Molly Martin, UK author of 'The Art of Repair' sums it up in a lovely quote: making "things yourself can instil a confidence in your own capabilities, which in turn increases our connection to the things we own" (to The Guardian, 2021)

By activating your creativity, you can dream up any possibility and make it a reality! We absolutely love hearing from customers that they have a specific vision in mind, and then seeing it come to life! The process of inspiration, finding a pattern (or even more impressive - drafting your own!), and then sourcing the right fabric, both functionally and aesthetically, and then MAKING the damn thing - wow!!

For us, obviously, choosing a fabric is the most exciting part of the journey, because its the part we get to be involved in! Whenever we get a new delivery, or even sometimes just walking through the warehouse to make ourselves a cup of coffee, inspiration starts firing off left, right, and centre! Most of the time, even before the idea for a project is there, it only takes one look at a vibrant printed lycra or a sweetly printed chiffon to begin dreaming of what it could become.

This infinity of inspiration is one of the reasons that Super Cheap Fabrics prides itself on variety and range - through giving you options on everything from high quality basics, such as a crisp Ivory Linen or dependable Black ITY Knit, to something more particular, such as our Quilting Cottons for a specific project, our Silk Georgettes for a special occasion, or even something as glamorous as this Gold Metallic Velour for an evening look!

Was that enough inspiration for you all?! It's a tough life being at the warehouse every day and resisting the temptation to fill up the car boot with one of everything - but sometimes the fun is also in spreading out the excitement, picking a beautiful corduroy for pants this week, and a fabulous textured knit for a swish new dress the next week! So the next time that you need a spot of inspiration, simply head to our site and visit a couple of the categories - see what's new, what you might not have seen before, or find the fabric that will be the perfect fit for a project you've been saving for a rainy day!