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DIY: Christmas Fabric Gift Bags

DIY: Christmas Fabric Gift Bags

  • Kunal Vyas

It's that time of year again, spring has rolled around (in the Southern Hemisphere) and Christmas is just around the corner.  With only 8 weeks to go it's time to get organised and avoid that often inevitable last-minute rush! 

We have crafted some special Christmas fabric giftbags which we know you'll love for three reasons:
1. They add a personal touch to any gift.  Can't think of anything but socks for your great nephew twice removed?  Throw them into one of these DIY tulle giftbags and he'll be happier than a pig in mud! 

2. They're great for the environment.  Think about how many disposables we accumulate over the silly season.  Australians use of 150,000km of wrapping paper every year.   The beauty of these bags is they can be made with offcuts and of course recycled.  We love repurposing the tulle for Garlands we will be creating in an upcoming post. 

3. They give you another reason to add to your Fabric Stash! Need we say anything else? We used our Red Tulle and Glitter Polka Dot fabrics for this project. 

See our guide below to craft these incredible eco-friendly Christmas bags in under 5 minutes!

 eco-friendly Christmas bags